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   Welcome to my website.



 This page has been created to share English contents with everybody. I am just an English student at E.O.I., so I can make some mistakes. I hope you´ll be understanding about that. At this website you’ll be able to find what you need to enjoy learning English. One way or another it could help you to get English improvements. You’ll find out many different websites to visit.



 Language teaching is nowadays easier by many different resources we have to hand on the Internet like English video-lessons.



Web 2.0  provides us a large quantity of tools for our classroom.



I am a primary school teacher and I often use new technology in my classroom. Many tools can be useful from web2.0 like blogs, web pages or wikis.




We are going to use a small application which allows their users to create a wall with opinions, images...In this wall you´ll be able to publish your opinion about English people and England: its culture, its food or whatever you want. You can write something or write back to somebody. And, how can you do it? It´s easy: "double click on the green panel", and start writing!



London is one of the world´s major political cultural centers. London´s population who is extremily cosmopolitan, speaks over 300 different languages. This video show us some foreign people in London.

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.


 The new grammar of the Spanish language was presented on December 10th. Mr Victor García de la Concha, director of The Royal Spanish Academic said at that moment that most people don´t know the contribution that soap operas have meant to the spread of Spanish language. It´s because of that I´ve thought this web could help us to learn English.



 Reading is the better way to learn English or any other language (my English teacher usually says). Although buying books is expensive, as everybody knows, it wouldn´t be a reason to not to read. So, if you want to read, visit this website where you will be able to find out a large numbers of books which are waiting to be read.

 Other kind of reading is through audio-books or subtitled videos.



Writting is too necessary to achieve much more success in learning English. Do you know how to write a letter? 



Listening Real English is useful to recognice some spoken structures which are basic to the understanding of Londoner´s way of speaking.



English conversation offers us an advisable option to familiarize yourself with topic conversations and everyday issues.



If you are Thinking of doing an English course, you could do it here.



Have you ever had problems saying two words in English? Ít´s pronunciation time!

English Pronunciation #15 - Watch more amazing videos here



Gomaespumenglish, what a fun way to learn a language!



In Peppy Questions of the Week Steve Ford from Canada, answers your peppy questions, business questions and much more.