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21.05.2010 20:38

Today's topic

Languagelearningprocess View more presentations from mamarmol.


16.01.2010 09:35

Classic short stories

 Classic short stories to read on-line or print them off. All of them are unabridged and in the public domain.


14.01.2010 07:44


Podcasting is a method of publishing broadcasts via the internet. There are  audio programs or lessons you can listen, download or subscribe them via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) ABOTM-110809.mp3 (2,5 MB)       


12.01.2010 23:36

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, a place highly recommended where I felt really goog listening life music and much more. Covent Garden View more presentations from mamarmol.


05.01.2010 23:12


Listen to the radio and free music. All the music you want to download and share.  


05.01.2010 12:35

A new word...

Did you know that English language creates a new word every ninety-eight minutes according to The Global Language Monitor?


05.01.2010 12:01

Listening to the radio

Two of the best international networks are BBC World Service and Voice of America. Both of them have social programsfor learners of English. Wherever you are you´ll be able to enjoy listening.


05.01.2010 10:36

Learners of English

Hearing and listening to English as much as possible is really important to start speaking. The more English you put in, the more you´ll get out! But, how can we hear a lot of English living in a non English-speaking country? The answer is: listening to the radio, TV, music, videos...And you´ll be...


04.01.2010 22:04


If you want to be successful in listening skills, dictation can help you in many ways. Elementary, intermediate and quick dictation and much more is what you will find in this link. 


04.01.2010 20:51

National Geografic

National Geografic Channel have a special video-web full of video-series to choose among a large number of themes and categories which go from animals to music not forgetting travels or culture.